October 30, 2015

Photoshop Services


A picture is worth a thousand words!

Adobe PhotoshopThis saying could not be truer than when talking about your online presence! From business website and marketing materials to social media networking sites and calendars, creative and compelling graphics make a huge impact and can generate extra traffic. It is a challenge to create fresh graphics and memorable images to attract your target market, especially while handling customers and daily business operations.

A virtual assistant can be a fresh source of creativity and originality, and also save money. Your business can build brand awareness, boost web traffic, and engage your customers via social media with pictures. Photoshop is a powerful image editing program by Adobe, and has became the leader in digital photo manipulation software.

My clients periodically need professional graphics and here are some Photoshop creative services I offer for your business:

  • Memorable visuals and quotes for social media
  • Testimonial photos for a website
  • Graphics for reports, documents, thank-you notes, and holiday cards
  • Visuals for promotions, e-zines, and blogs
  • Marketing tools (boards, forms, workflows, kits, pricing/selling sheets, newsletter templates, business cards, referral forms, flyers, notepads, and rack cards)
  • CD labels/cases
  • Social media networking site covers
  • Calendars for special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.)