October 29, 2015

Marketing Services

Internet MarketingCustomers are the lifeline of any business, and marketing is essential for any organization’s long-term success. Entrepreneurs and salespeople know that they NEED to perform essential activities like developing and/or maintaining a current database of current and prospective customers, email marketing, social media marketing, and creating marketing tools (i.e., flyers, brochures, contact letters, etc.), but they don’t do it because of time restraints or because they are not sure how to execute an effective marketing campaign.

If you are busy with other activities and prefer to focus on the “big picture” in your business, you need to hire a virtual assistant to do your marketing work.

I specialize in providing marketing services. I manage social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and can market online e-commerce websites such as Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon marketplace. Additionally, I stand ready to help you implement your email campaigns, respond to customer and prospect inquiries, and execute your internet marketing campaigns.

Below is a list of some of the marketing activities I can do for you. Keep in mind that this is a partial list, so contact me for other tasks not shown.

  • Create email marketing campaigns
  • Set up an email list
  • Send an email to your customers
  • Create pages on social media sites
  • Increase your social media followers
  • Write an advertisement
  • Review your website
  • Do proofreading
  • Help optimize your web site for SEO
  • Plan and organize marketing campaigns
  • Set up a new blog
  • Determine new marketing channels
  • Create marketing and sales material
  • Make calls to sales leads
  • Help find prospects
  • Research leads and prospects
  • Qualify inbound leads
  • Manage your sales inbox
  • Talk to new prospects
  • Nurture sales prospects
  • Schedule follow up calls
  • Update lead and prospect records
  • Prepare contract and proposals
  • Input orders and create invoices
  • Produce sales reports
  • Type meeting notes
  • Sales administration